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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reimagine Russell? 

  • Reimagine Russell is a corridor plan designed to analyze and determine a comprehensive vision for the Russell Boulevard corridor in Davis, CA. The overall goal of the plan is to promote a safe, connected, and sustainable multi-modal transportation corridor that treats all people equitably.

What is the corridor plan?  

  • The corridor plan is a collaborative planning and conceptual design effort to reimagine the 3-mile shared road boundary between Yolo County, the City of Davis, and UC Davis from B Street to County Road 98. The planning horizon for the corridor plan will affect Russell Boulevard and the surrounding context over the next 30 years. The purpose of the Russell Boulevard Corridor Plan (Corridor Plan) is to analyze and determine a comprehensive vision for the corridor, supported by street design and landscape/gateway guidelines and conceptual plans.  

Who is responsible for this corridor plan? 

  • The City of Davis in partnership with the University of California, Davis, and Yolo County in conjunction with the consultant team, is responsible for the overall vision and goals for this plan.  

How long will this corridor plan take to complete? 

  • This will be a 12-month project that seeks to complete project planning and design by Winter 2022.

How is this project being funded?

  • This planning effort is jointly funded by UC Davis and the City resulting from the 2018 Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Davis, Yolo County, and UC Davis for collaboration and partnership related to the campus' 2018 Long Range Development Plan.

Why should I get involved? 

  • Because this plan will impact the Davis community-at-large for years to come, it is imperative your voice is heard! The corridor plan is supported by a comprehensive vision for the corridor, so soliciting public input from all stakeholders is vital to the success of the project.  

How should I get involved? 

  • Please go to the 'Get involved' tab of the project website and provide your name and email address. We will keep you updated with new project information along the way! 

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